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We commercialize the DIGMO Strabometer and the components that support you in the maintenance service. We provide learning services also, technical support and the technological research to improve our products everyday. Furthermore, we are working in the development of other diagnostic instruments to support the present ophthalmologic challenges.

The DIGMO Strabometer

The “Ocular Motility DIGitizer” instrument, has born to become the new standard in Strabismus measurements. Today, the procedure to determine the ocular deviation is completely manual (using prisms) and the error is huge. bcninnova has developed (together with the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona) the new diagnostic system that use the highest technology to provide a revolutionary precision.

Using our experience

We have worked in the DigMO project for 2 years. Now we are ready to make use of our knowledge in order to success in new similar projects. If you need experience finding eyes and determining where they are looking, bcninnova is your best partner.